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The Top 5 Most Profitable Publicly Traded Companies in Canada

Profit 2008
(% change)
Industry Employees
1 EnCana Corp.
(Calgary, Alberta)
$5,944 billion
Oil and gas 3,800
2 Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
(Calgary, Alberta)
$4,985 billion
Oil and gas 3,800
3 Royal Bank of Canada
(Toronto, Ontario)
$4,555 billion
Banking & finance 72,126
4 Imperial Oil
(Calgary, Alberta)
$3,878 billion
Oil and gas 5,015
5 Toronto Dominion Bank
(Toronto, Ontario)
$3,833 billion
Banking & finance 65,930
Sources:  Globe & Mail Report on Business: Top 1000.

List Notes: Data are publicly traded companies ranked according to their after-tax profits for the fiscal year ending 2008, excluding extraordinary gains or losses. All figures are in Canadian dollars. Employee data is full-time employees for the year 2010 except for Canadian Natural Resources Limited where employee data is for the year 2009. Percent change is percent change in profit from the previous year.
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