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The Top 5 Best Selling Brands of Gin Worldwide

  Brand Company Name
Sales Percent Change
1 Gordon's London Dry Gin Diageo
London, UK
4.30 million cases - 4.4%
2 Seagram's Extra Dry Gin Pernod Ricard
Paris, France
3.38 million cases - 1.7%
3 Beefeater London Dry Gin Pernod Ricard
Paris, France
2.41 million cases - 0.4%
4 Tanqueray London Dry Gin Diageo
London, UK
2.10 million cases - 4.5%
5 Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin Bacardi
Hamilton, Bermuda
2.01 million cases + 0.5%
Sources:  The Drinks International Millionaires Club report 2009, various.

List Notes: Sales are for spirits the year 2009 in millions of 9-litre cases. Percent change is from the year 2008.
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  1. Gin is a white spirit that is flavored with juniper berries aand a varied assortment of herbs and spices (or botanicals as they are called). The spirit base of Gin is primarily grain (usually wheat or rye), which results in a light-bodied spirit. The chief flavoring agent in gin is the highly aromatic blue-green berry of the juniper, a low-slung evergreen bush that is commercially grown in northern Italy, Croatia, the United States and Canada.
  2. The name gin comes from the word for juniper (genievre) and was created in Holland in about 1650 to treat stomach complaints.
  3. London dry refers to a style of gin originally made in and around London England. The term "London Dry Gin" originated to distinguish itself from the sweet variety. Since dry gin was more highly distilled, the sweeteners added to mask impurities were no longer needed.
  4. Spain has the highest per capita consumption of gin in the world.
  5. Gin does not improve with age, so it is not stored in wooden casks.
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