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The Top 5 Largest Organs in the body

  Organ Average weight
1 The Skin 10895.10 grams
2 The Liver 1493.79 grams
3 The Brain 1380 grams (male)/
1250 grams (female)
4 The Lungs 579.75(rt)/ 531.92(lt)
Total: 1111.67 grams
5 The Heart 289 grams (male)/
241grams (female)
Sources: research 2015: medical sources including Gray's Anatomy 39th edition.

List Notes: Please note: despite the fact that the lists the skin as the largest organ in/on the human body, in the interest of opposing viewpoints by experts, we encourage visitors to please consider this article published by the "Journal of Investigative Dermatology": " Skin Is Not the Largest Organ. "
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