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The Top 5 Tallest Buildings in North America

  Building Location Height (meters) Height (feet) Floors Construction Date
1 Sears Tower Chicago, IL, USA 442 m 1,450.1 ft 108 1972 - 1974
2 Empire State Building New York City, NY, USA 381 m 1,250.0 ft 102 1930 - 1931
3 Bank of America Tower New York City, NY, USA 366 m 1,200.7 ft 54 2004 - 2008
4 Aon Center Chicago, IL, USA 346 m 1,135.1 ft 83 1970 - 1973
5 John Hancock Center Chicago, IL, USA 344 m 1,128.6 ft 100 1965 - 1969
Sources:  Various including: Emporis Corporation 3/2008

List Notes: These specifications do not include Antennas and Spires and is based entirely on the building's structural height. TV towers, masts, and other building types are not included in this list. Number of floors indicated are above ground floors but do include mechanical floors.
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