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The Top 5 Food Crops Produced in the United States

  Commodity Production Value
1 Maize 316,165,000 m/t $26,714,587,000
2 Soybeans 90,609,800 m/t $23,863,249,000
3 Cow milk (whole, fresh) 87,461,300 m/t $27,157,514,000
4 Wheat 60,102,600 m/t $8,599,793,000
5 Sugar beet 28,940,100 m/t $1,244,829,000
Sources:  FAOSTAT data 2010 (data last accessed Feb 2012)

List Notes: Production is in International dollars and has been calculated based on 1999-2001 international prices. Please note: for the purposes of this list, cows milk will be considered a crop.
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