The Top 5 Cities with the Highest Paid Electrical Engineers

  City Net Income
(per year USD)
Gross Income
(per year USD)
Weekly Working Hours
1 Zurich, Switzerland $91,700 $115,700 41
2 New York City, USA $80,300 $107,400 46
3 Geneva, Switzerland $67,500 $89,400 40
4 Miami, USA $66,200 $95,100 40
5 Chicago, USA $65,400 $88,200 40
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Sources:  UBS. CIO Wealth Management Research: A comparison of purchasing power around the globe, 2012.
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List Notes: Data is the top 5 cities with the highest paid electrical engineers employed by an industrial firm in the electrical engineering sector, university or technical college graduate with at least 5 years’ work experience; aged 35 years old and married with two children. Data is for the year 2012 in U.S.- dollars.
Cities with the Highest Paid Electrical Engineers

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