The Top 5 Countries With The Highest Life Expectancy at Birth

  Country Life Expectancy
Life Expectancy
(CIA factbook)
1 Japan 84.6 years 84.5
(ranked 3rd)
2 Andorra 84.2 years 82.6
(ranked 7th)
3 Singapore 84.0 years 84.3
(ranked 4th)
4 Hong Kong 83.8 years 82.7
(ranked 6th)
5 San Marino 83.5 years 83.1
(ranked 5th)
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Sources:  WHO Report: World Health Statistics 2014, CIA Factbook.

List Notes: Data is estimated life expectancy at birth as ranked by the WHO for the year 2012. life expectancy at birth is defined as the average number of years that a newborn could expect to live, if he or she were to pass through life exposed to the sex- and age-specific death rates prevailing at the time of his or her birth, for a specific year, in a given country, territory, or geographic area.

Please note: on the CIA World Factbook Monaco ranks 1st with a life expectancy of 89.5 years and Macau ranks 2nd with a life expectancy of 84.4 years. Data is latest available data as of February 2015.
Countries With The Highest Life Expectancy at Birth

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