The Top 5 Countries with the Most Fatal Plane Accidents

  Country Fatalites Airline Accidents
(from 1945 to 2021)
1 United States 10,820 860
2 Russia 8,418 530
3 Columbia 2,932 189
4 Brazil 2,724 183
5 Spain 2,357 55
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Sources:  Aviation Safety Network: “Fatal Civil Airliner Accidents 1945 to 2021."

List Notes: 

Data is the top 5 countries with the highest number of fatal civil airliner accidents from 1945 to January 2021. Military accidents, corporate jets, hijackings and other criminal occurrences are not included in this list.

Important note: this data is skewed towards the countries that have more commercial flights. Data with the number of accidents per million take-offs would be a more accurate representation of airline fatalities by country and should this data become available from a reliable source Top 5 of Anything will certainly publish it.

Countries with the Most Fatal Plane Accidents

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