The Top 5 Countries with the Most Executions 2012

  Country Number of Executions 2012 Number of Death Sentences
1 China 1000+ Unknown
2 Iran 314+81+ 79+
3 Iraq 129+ 81+
4 Saudi Arabia 79+ 10+
5 United States 43 77
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Sources:  Amnesty International 2014 report: "Death Sentences and Executions 2012".

List Notes: Data is top 5 countries with the most state sponsored executions for the year 2012. Data was gathered by Amnesty International from various sources including official statistics (where available), non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations, human rights defenders, the media and field research. The figures used here are the largest that can safely be drawn from Amnesty International's research, however AI emphasizes that the true execution figures can be and often are significantly higher. Some states intentionally conceal death penalty proceedings, others do not keep or make available statistics on the numbers of death sentences and executions. + indicates that the figure Amnesty International has calculated is a minimum. Where + is not preceded by a number, it indicates that there were executions but that it was not possible to specify a figure.
Countries with the Most Executions 2012

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