The Top 5 Countries with the Most Deaths by Venomous Snakes & Reptiles (per capita)

  Country Death Rate
(per 100,000)
Number of Deaths
1 French Guiana 53.48
(per 100,000)
2 Benin 7.19
(per 100,000)
3 Micronesia/Niue/Palau/
Papua NG/Solomon Islands/Vanuatu
(per 100,000)
4 Togo 3.0
(per 100,000)
5 Senegal 1.5
(per 100,000)
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Sources:  Anuradhani Kasturiratne, A. Rajitha Wickremasinghe, Nilanthi de Silva, N. Kithsiri Gunawardena, Arunasalam Pathmeswaran, Ranjan Premaratna, Lorenzo Savioli, David G Lalloo, H. Janaka de Silva. (2008). The Global Burden of Snakebite: "A Literature Analysis and Modelling Based on Regional Estimates of Envenoming and Deaths." Please visit the source here

List Notes: Death rate by is by venomous snake or reptile per 100,000 population. To obtain this data, the researchers systematically searched scientific literature for publications on snakebites and deaths from snakebites and extracted data on snakebite deaths in individual countries from the World Health Organization (WHO) mortality database. They also contacted Ministries of Health, National Poison Centers, and snakebite experts for unpublished information (“grey” literature) on snakebites. Together, these three approaches provided data on the number of snakebite envenomings and deaths for 135 and 162 countries, respectively.
Countries with the Most Deaths by Venomous Snakes & Reptiles (per capita)

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