The Top 5 Most Common Types of Livestock Feed Used Worldwide

  Feed Feed Concentrate in Use
1 Cereals 741.9 Million tonnes
2 Oilcake 214.9 Million tonnes
3 Roots and tubers 142.0 Million tonnes
4 Brans 105.7 Million tonnes
5 Oilcrops 27.6 Million tonnes
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  1. As livestock production grows and intensifies, it depends less and less on locally available feed and increasingly on feed concentrates that are traded domestically and internationally.
  2. Use of feed concentrate in developing countries more than doubled between 1980 and 2005.
  3. In 2005, a total of 742 million tonnes of cereals were fed to livestock, representing roughly one-third of the global cereal harvest and an even larger share of coarse grains
  4. There is a shift from the use of low-quality roughages (crop residues and natural pasture) towards high-quality agroindustrial by-products and concentrates.
  5. When livestock are no longer reliant on local resources or waste from other activities as feed, the rate at which feed is converted into livestock outputs becomes a critical factor in the economic efficiency of production. In
Top 5 facts sources: FAO report: The State of Food and Agriculture, Livestock in the Balance.
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Sources:  FAO Report: The State of Food and Agriculture: Livestock in the Balance

List Notes: Data is livestock feed in millions of tonnes for the year 2005.
Most Common Types of Livestock Feed Used Worldwide

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