The Top 5 Worst Commercial Airplane Bombings in Aviation History

(aircraft type)
Number of Victims Date Route Perpetrators
1 Air India Flight 182
(Boing 747)
329 June 23rd, 1985 Montréal to Bombay. Sikh separatist group
2 Pan AM flight 103
(Boing 747)
270 December 21st, 1988 London to New York City Libyan Secret Service
3 Metrojet Flight 9268
(Airbus A321)
224 October 31st, 2015 Egypt, to Russia Unknown
4 UTA 772
170 September 19th, 1989 Congo, to Chad Libyan Secret Service
5 China Northern Airlines Flight 6136
112 May 7th, 2002 Beijing to Dalian Passenger Zhang Pilin
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Sources: Research 2015.

List Notes: Data is the top 5 worst commercial airplane bombings in aviation history. Victims include passengers and crew as well as victims on the ground.
Worst Commercial Airplane Bombings in Aviation History

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