The Top 5 Largest Cities On Earth by Population

  City Country City Population Greater Area Population Population Density
1 Karachi Pakistan 15.5 million 18.0 million 32,024 per km^2
2 Shanghai China 14.9 million 19.2 million 19,793 per km^2
3 Mumbai (Bombay) India 13.9 million 21.2 million 28,719 per km^2
4 Beijing China 12.4 million 17.5 million 16,577 per km^2
5 Delhi India 12.1 million 16.7 million 9,343 per km^2
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Sources:  Thomas Brinkhoff: The Principal Agglomerations of the World, City

List Notes: Population data updated by Top 5 of Anything: March 2010. Ranking is city population only & does not include greater metropolitan areas. Population density is persons per square kilometer.
Largest Cities On Earth by Population

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