The Top 5 Carrot Producing Countries

  Country Carrot Production 2007 Carrot Production 2004
1 China 9,085,793 m/t 8,292,500 m/t
2 Russian Federation 1,859,010 m/t 1,825,000 m/t
3 United States 1,421,230 m/t 1,900,110 m/t
4 Poland 938,230 m/t 800,000 m/t
5 Uzbekistan 815,000 m/t 499,850 m/t
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 Special Report
  1. Carrots are among the top-ten most economically important vegetable crops in the world, in terms of both area of production and market value. In 2005, world production approached 24 Mt on 1.1 million hectares. The total global market value of the more widely traded carrot seed crop has been estimated to be in the range of $100 million
  2. The carrot is a member of the parsley family which includes about 2,500 species such as dill, caraway, cumin, chervil, coriander, fennel, anise, parsley, parsnip, and celery. Carrots contain no less than 89 percent water.
  3. Carrots, or "skirrets," were originally purple, white and yellow. The orange carrot was developed in Holland as a tribute to William I of Orange during the Dutch fight for independence from Spain in the 16th century.
  4. California ranks first in the United States in the production of carrots producing about 70,000 acres of carrots annually. Baby-cut carrots account for 70 percent of the acreage.
  5. Among winter vegetables, carrot has the most vitamin A as beta carotene (3 230 ug) followed by tomato (708 ug) per capita.
Top 5 facts sources: Various including: Handbook of Plant Breeding, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.
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Sources:  FAOSTAT data, 2007 (last accessed by Top 5 of Anything: March 2010).

List Notes: Data is for the year 2007. Data includes Turnips.
Carrot Producing Countries

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