The Top 5 Most Blocked Web Sites Categories on the Internet

  Web Category % Networks Using Category Blocking
1 Pornography 85 %
2 Sexuality 80.1 %
3 Tasteless 77.3 %
4 Proxy/Anonymizer 76.2 %
5 Adware 69 %
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Sources:  OpenDNS Report: "Web Content Filtering and Phishing" 2010.

List Notes: Data is for the year 2010. Data is most blocked categories with the intent on providing a safer Internet experience for students and children, and a more work-appropriate environment for businesses. Percentages indicate the proportion of networks using category blocking that reference a given category. OpenDNS is a global DNS service for consumers, schools and businesses which, according to them: "resolves 30 billion DNS queries per day, services 15 million requesting IP addresses per day and handles DNS for 1 percent of all Internet users worldwide."
Most Blocked Web Sites Categories on the Internet

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