The Top 5 Crimes Comitted in Canada

  Criminal Offence Offences Comitted Rate Percent Change in rate
1 Theft $5,000 and under 552,155 1,658 - 6%
2 Mischief 375,079 1,126 - 2%
3 Breaking and entering 209,755 630 - 10%
4 Common assault 180,096 541 - 2%
5 Administration of justice violations 165,556 497 -1%
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 Special Report
  1. Police-reported crime in Canada continued to decline in 2008 falling by 5%.
  2. There were about 77,000 fewer reported crimes in 2008, including 28,000 fewer thefts of $5,000 and under, 22,000 fewer break-ins and 20,000 fewer motor vehicle thefts.
  3. Police reported 611 homicide victims, an increase of 17 from 2007. The homicide rate rose 2% in 2008 but has been relatively stable over the past decade. Homicide rates were highest in the western CMAs of Abbotsford–Mission (4.7), Winnipeg (4.1), Regina (3.8), Edmonton (3.4), Kelowna (3.4), Calgary (2.9) and Vancouver (2.4). With 103 homicides in 2008, Toronto had the most homicides of any CMA (census metropolitan area). In comparison canada's murder rate is about twice that of Denmark, almost three-times higher than Japan, and five-times that of Hong Kong. At the other end of the spectrum, the Canadian rate is less than one-third that of the Turkey and the United States, which had, respectively, the first and second highest murder rates among a 15 nation survey.
  4. Montreal (1.3) and Hamilton (0.9) each reported their lowest homicide rates since 1981, when data first became available at the CMA level.
  5. There was a 10% drop in the rate of attempted murders in 2008, serious assaults dropped for the first time in almost a decade. There were nearly 58,000 aggravated assaults and assaults with a weapon reported by police, a 2% drop in the rate from 2007.The robbery rate in Canada has been gradually decreasing over the past decade, with a further 7% decline in 2008. About 15% of robberies involved a firearm. Robberies committed with a firearm remained stable in 2008 after reaching a 30-year low in 2007.
Top 5 facts sources: Statistics Canada "The Daily":
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Sources:  Statistics Canada (2010).

List Notes: Data is for the year 2008. Rates are 100,000 population. Percent change is compared to the year 2007. Theft $5,000 and under excludes motor vehicles.
Crimes Comitted in Canada

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