The Top 5 Deadliest Tornadoes in United States History

  Location Date Deaths
Tornado Intensity
1 The Tri-State Tornado
(Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.)
March 18th,1925 695
2 The Great Natchez Tornado
(Natchez, Mississippi.)
May 7th, 1840 317+
Estimated F5
3 The St. Louis Tornado
(St. Louis, Mo.)
May 27th, 1896 255+
4 The Tupelo Tornado
(Tupelo, Mississippi.)
April 5-6th, 1936 216+
5 The Gainesville Tornado
(Gainesville, Georgia.)
April 5th, 1936 203
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Sources:  NOAA National Climatic Data Centre: "The Ten Deadliest Documented Tornado Events"

List Notes: The death toll of pre-1955 Tornadoes may have been higher because at that time storm-related deaths of black persons were likely not included as well as other data being erratic and non-reliable. List last updated April 2015.
Deadliest Tornadoes in United States History

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