The Top 5 Hottest Recorded Temperatures on Earth

  Name Temperature (C) Temperature (F) Year Recorded
1 Death Valley California, USA 56.7°C 136.4°F July 10, 1913
2 Tirat Tsvi, Israel 54.0°C 134.0°F June 22, 1922
3 Cloncurry, Queensland 53.3°C 128.0°F Jan 16, 1889
4 Seville, Spain 50.0°C 122.0°F Aug 4, 1881
5 Rivadavia, Argentina 48.8°C 120.0°F Dec 11, 1905
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Sources:  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: National Climatic Data Center. 2014. *please see list notes below for explanation on difference between the source data and the Top 5 of Anything list..

List Notes: Data is top 5 hottest recorded temperatures on Earth as of May 2014. *Please note: The Previous record of 58C recorded at El Azizia Libya was invalidated by a World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Commission of Climatology special international panel of meteorological experts. This panel of experts conducted an in-depth investigation of the long-held world-record temperature extreme of 58ºC (136.4 ºF) recorded at El Azizia (approximately 40 kilometers south-southwest of Tripoli) in what is now modern-day Libya on 13 September 1922. The investigating committee (including experts from Libya, Italy, Spain, Egypt, France, Morocco, Argentina, United States, and United Kingdom) identified five major concerns with the 1922 El Azizia temperature extreme record, specifically (a) problematical instrumentation, (b) a likely inexperienced observer, (c) an observation site which was not representative of the desert surroundings, (d) poor matching of the extreme to other nearby locations and (e) poor matching to subsequent temperatures recorded at the site.
Hottest Recorded Temperatures on Earth

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