The Top 5 Most Valuable Technology Brands

  Brand Brand Value Brand Value Change
1 Google $114,26 billion + 14 %
2 IBM $86,38 billion + 30 %
3 Apple $83,15 billion + 32 %
4 Microsoft $76,34 billion n/c
5 HP $39,71 billion + 48 %
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 Special Report
  1. According to the Millward Brown Optimor Report, while most brands decreased in value in 2010, technology brands actually increased by 6%. (a.)
  2. According to the report "BrandZ Top 100", Google's brand value increased by 14% last year. The report related that "the brand's dominance as a search engine combined with the popularity of products such as Gmail and the potential impact of its recently introduced Android mobile phone platform made Google a leader in brand momentum." (a.)
  3. Apple's brand value appreciated by 32%. According to the report Apple benefited specifically "from the popularity of the iPhone, its 100,000 apps, and anticipation for the iPad. Apple, now ranked number 3, with a brand value of $83.2 billion, moved up 26 places from number 29, based on a 51 percent CAGR (compounded annual growth rate)." (a.)
  4. According to the Millward Brown Optimor report: "Google's brand momentum follows its remarkable ascent as a search engine, with reportedly more than 1 billion searches daily, and the popularity of its related products, which include YouTube, Gmail, and the Android mobile phone platform. In 2009, the open platform experienced its first full year in operation. Google earned $6.5 billion from $23.7 billion in revenue in 2009, primarily from online ad sales." (a.)
  5. According to the report: "The brand value of HP increased by almost 50 percent last year, following the rebranding of EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and brand re-launch in 2009. The iconic IBM brand grew another 30 percent in value, in part because it communicated trust at a time of economic turmoil. IBM's strong financial results included a record $18.1 billion in pre-tax income." (a.)
Top 5 facts sources:
  1. Millward Brown Optimor. (2010). "BrandZ Top 100". Retrieved Jan, 2011.
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Sources:  Millward Brown Optimor Report: "BrandZ Top 100".

List Notes: Data is for the year 2010 in U.S. dollars. Change in value is from the year 2009.
Most Valuable Technology Brands

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