The Top 5 Countries that Consume the Most Pasta

  Country Pasta Consuption
(in metric tonnes)
Per Capita Consumption
1 The United States 2,700,000 m/t 8.8 kg per person
2 Italy 1,540,846 m/t 26.0 kg per person
3 Brazil 1,195,000 m/t 6.2 kg per person
4 Russia 1,128,188 m/t 7.8 kg per person
5 Germany 650,000 m/t 8.1 kg per person
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Sources:  International Pasta Organization: "The World Pasta Industry Status Report 2013".

List Notes: Data is the top 5 countries that consume the most pasta per capita in kilograms for the year 2012 (which is the latest available data as of April 2015).
Countries that Consume the Most Pasta

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