The Top 5 Countries With The Largest Forested Area

  Country Hectares
1 Russian Federation 809 million hectares
2 Brazil 520 million hectares
3 Canada 310 million hectares
4 United States of America 304 million hectares
5 China 207 million hectares
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 Special Report
  1. Seventy-six countries have lost all of their frontier forests.
  2. Only seven countries still have a large proportion of their original forest cover remaining in an unthreatened state.
  3. 40% of the forests on Earth qualify as frontier forests
  4. 70% of the world's remaining frontier forests are in Russia, Canada and Brazil.
  5. 39% of Earth's remaining frontier forest is threatened by logging, agricultural clearing and other human activities.
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Sources:  FAO Forestry Paper 163. (2010). "Global Forest Resource Assessment 2010."

List Notes: Data is the top 5 countries with the largest forest area for the year 2010 in millions of hectares.
Countries With The Largest Forested Area

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