The Top 5 Most Expensive U.S. Warplanes

  Aircraft Manufacturer Cost Cost per Flight Hour
1 B2 Stealth Bomber Northrop Grumman $810,000,000 $135,000
2 F-22 Raptor Lockheed Martin $144,000,000 $44,000
3 F-35 Lightning II Lockheed Martin $101,000,000 $32,000
4 V-22 Osprey Bell Boeing $72,400,000 $70,000
5 A-10 Warthog Fairchild Republic $19,000,000 $11,500
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Sources:  Fallows, James. “ The Tragedy of the American Military" The Atlantic, February 2015, Accessed March 2018.

List Notes: Data top 5 most expensive U.S. warplanes (including drones) in U.S. dollars.
Most Expensive U.S. Warplanes

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