The Top 5 Most Spoken Languages in the World

  Language Estimated Number of Speakers
1 Chinese (Mandarin) 1,205,000,000 speakers
2 Spanish 429,000,000 speakers
3 English 428,000,000 speakers
4 Hindi 328,000,000 speakers
5 French 300,000,000 speakers
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Sources:  SIL Ethnologue Survey (2009 edition)

List Notes: This list is based on the 2009 Ethnologue Survey and gives the most spoken languages in the world. The Ethnologue Survey is a widely cited reference for languages around the world however a fully authoritative source for numbers of first language speakers which uses the same criteria for counting is extremely difficult or impossible to find at this time and there are inherent problems in depending on such data for accurate numbers.
Most Spoken Languages in the World

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