The Top 5 Most Environmentally Friendly Vehicles for 2009

  Model MPG City MPG Hwy Green Score Price
1 Honda Civic GX 24 36 57 $25,340
2 Toyota Prius 51 48 52 $22,400
3 Honda Civic Hybrid 40 45 51 $23,800
4 Smart for two convertible/coupe 33 41 50 $13,590
5 Honda Insight 40 43 50 $19,800
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Sources:  American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

List Notes: The Green Score is an ACEEE evaluation that incorporates tailpipe emissions and emissions of other gases that are known to cause global warming as well as the fuel economy of the vehicle. The higher the Green Score, the more environmentally friendly the vehicle is considered to be overall. Statistics are for the United States for the year 2009 for models available to the general public. Price listed is suggested starting price for the base model 2009-2010 (USD).
Most Environmentally Friendly Vehicles for 2009

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