The Top 5 Highest Grossing Movies for 1985

  Movie Domestic Box Office Gross Release Date Production Budget Distributor
1 Back to the Future $210.60 million July 3rd $19 million Universal Pictures
2 Rambo: First Blood Part II $150.41 million May 22nd $44 million TriStar Pictures
3 Rocky IV $127.87 million Nov 27th $31 million United Artists
4 The Color Purple $94.17 million Dec 20th $15 million Warner Bros. Studios
5 Out of Africa $87.07 million Dec 20th $31 million Universal Pictures
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Sources:  Various including: Box Office Mojo, The Numbers, IMDB Pro.

List Notes: All figures are domestic (Canada & US) total box office gross in US dollars. Note: domestic box office gross is lifetime domestic earnings of the film and not just for the year of release. Budgets are estimated.
Highest Grossing Movies for 1985

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