The Top 5 Heaviest Flightless Birds on Earth

  Bird Range Weight kg Status
1 Ostrich
(Struthio camelus)
East Africa, South Australia 149 kg
(330 lbs)
Least Concern
2 Northern cassowary
(Casuarius unappendiculatus)
New Guinea, Australia 57 kg
(126 lbs)
3 Emu
(Dromaius novaehollandiae)
Australia 54 kg
(121 lbs)
Least Concern
4 Emperor Penguin
(Aptenodytes forsteri)
Antarctica,Argentina, Australia,
Chile, Falkland Islands
45 kg
(101 lbs)
Least Concern
5 Greater Rhea
(Rhea americana)
Argentina, Bolivia,
Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay
24 kg
(55 lbs)
Near Threatened
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 Special Report
  1. New Zealand has more species of flightless birds than any other country in the world.
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Heaviest Flightless Birds on Earth

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