The Top 5 Most Expensive Video Game Consoles to Use

  Console Cost in Energy
(console left on)
Cost in Energy
(console left off)
1 Sony Playstation 3 (launch 2006) $160 $15
2 Microsoft Xbox 360 (launch 2005) $143 $14
3 Sony Playstation 3 (revision 2007) $134 $12
4 Microsoft Xbox 360 (revision 2007) $103 $11
5 Nintendo Wii $10 $3
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 Special Report
  1. More than 40 percent of all homes in the United States contain at least one video game console.
  2. Video game consoles consumed an estimated 16 billion kilowatt-hours per year which is roughly equal to the annual electricity use of the city of San Diego. Many users do not turn their video game console off and a game console that is left on 24/7 will use approximately 10 times more annual energy than one that is turned off after use.
  3. A Sony PlayStation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360 left on 24 hours per day, seven days per week will consume as much electricity each year as two new refrigerators.
  4. Through the incorporation of more user-friendly power management features, approximately 11 billion kWh of electricity per year could be saved which would cut the United States electricity bill by more than $1 billion per year.
  5. 7 million tons of CO2 could be avoided each year through cost saving measures in the video game industry, an amount equal to the global warming pollution from all the cars on the road in the city of San Jose California.
Top 5 facts sources: NRDC Issue Paper November 2008: Lowering the Cost of Play, Improving the Energy Efficiency of Video Game Consoles.
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Sources:  Natural Resources Defense Council Issue Paper November 2008: Lowering the Cost of Play.

List Notes: List data is annual utility costs in US dollars. Cost in energy is with console left on after use and with console turned off after use.
Most Expensive Video Game Consoles to Use

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