The Top 5 Leading Cause of Death for Persons 45 to 59 in High Income Countries

  Cause of Death Number of Deaths Percentage of Total
1 Ischaemic (coronary) Heart Disease 109,057 21.96%
2 Trachea, Bronchus and Lung Cancers 73,679 14.82%
3 Cerebrovascular Disease (stroke) 43,446 8.75%
4 Cirrhosis of the Liver 38,734 7.80%
5 Breast Cancer 36,987 7.45%
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 Special Report
  1. Cardiovascular disease made up 16.7 million, or 29.2% of total global deaths according to the World Health Report 2003. Heart disease has no geographic, gender or socio-economic boundaries. Of the 16.7 million deaths from cardiovascular diseases every year, 7.2 million are due to Ischaemic heart disease. Cardiovascular disease affects people in their mid-life years, undermining the socioeconomic development, not only of affected individuals, but of families and nations as well. Lower socioeconomic groups generally have a greater prevalence of risk factors, diseases, and mortality in developed countries. A similar trend is emerging as the cardiovascular disease epidemic matures in developing countries.
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Sources:  WHO report: Injury, a leading cause of the global burden of disease 2000.

List Notes: All Statistics are reported deaths for the year 2000. This WHO study combines mortality data from national vital registration systems with information obtained from surveys, censuses,epidemiological studies and health service data.
Leading Cause of Death for Persons 45 to 59 in High Income Countries

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