The Top 5 Deadliest Pandemics in History

  Pandemic Cause Duration Deaths
1 The Black Death Bacteria (yersinia pestis) 1347 to 1351 200 million
2 Smallpox Virus (variola) 1520 to 1980 56 million
3 The Spanish Flu Virus (H1N1 type) 1918 to 1919 50 million
4 HIV/AIDS Virus (HIV virus) 1981 to present 35 million
5 The Plague of Justinian Bacteria (yersinia pestis) 1981 to present 30 million
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Sources:   Various. Research 2020.

List Notes: Data is the top 5 deadliest pandemics in human history as of May, 2020. All figures are best estimates. This top 5 list may include official, semi-official or estimated data gathered by
Deadliest Pandemics in History

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