The Top 5 Most Valuable Apparel Brands 2009

  Apparel Brand
(world headquarters)
Brand Value 2009 Brand Value Change
1 Nike
(Beaverton, United States)
$12,59 billion + 5%
2 H&M
(Stockholm, Sweden)
$12,13 billion + 1%
3 Zara
(A Coruña, Spain)
$8,98 billion + 4%
4 Esprit
(Ratingen, Germany)
$4,74 billion - 28%
5 Adidas
(Herzogenaurach, Germany)
$3,26 billion - 28%
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 Special Report
  1. Sales of athletic apparel and footwear in China were up an average 18% in 2010 vs. the same period in 2009, driven by economic recovery and improving living standards.
  2. In the United States, net spending on back-to-school clothing is down an average 6% year-to-year.
  3. According to a consumer survey by Grassroots Research about half of sources or more in all European countries surveyed cited a currently stable household financial situation, the number who reported a deteriorating situation was greater in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain than the number who cited an improving situation. In Germany and the U.K., nearly equal numbers reported a deteriorating situation vs. an improving one. The Spain-based Zara, a dynamic purveyor of fast fashion like H&M, was hurt by the weakness of the Spanish economy last year but still appreciated in brand value by 4 percent.
  4. "Consumers are loyal to luxury brands, whereas mass brands are more interchangeable. " - Milton Pedraza, Luxury Institute
  5. - stretched beyond its signature books and music to offer apparel brands such as DKNY, Reaction Kenneth Cole, Levi's, Adidas, Izod and Roxy - was worth $21.29 billion, making it the world's third biggest brand in the retail category.
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List Notes: List is ranked according to Apparel brands with the most brand value in U.S. Dollars for the year 2009. Change in value is from the year 2008.
Most Valuable Apparel Brands 2009

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