The Top 5 Countries With The Highest GDP 2003

  Country GDP Year
1 United States $11,750,000,000,000 2003
2 China $7,262,000,000,000 2003
3 Japan $3,745,000,000,000 2003
4 India $3,319,000,000,000 2003
5 Germany $2,362,000,000,000 2003
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Tags: The Economy

Sources:  CIA World Factbook 2005

List Notes: Data is factored by Purchasing Power Parity. Purchasing Power Parity is a way of measuring the relative purchasing power of different countries\' currencies over the same types of goods and services. Because goods and services may cost more in one country than in another, factoring PPP allows us to make more accurate comparisons of standards of living across different countries. Figures are in US dollars.
Countries With The Highest GDP 2003

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