The Top 5 Countries with the Most Military Spending

  Country Military Spending
(% change 2001 -2010)
World Share
1 United States $698 billion
(+ 81.3%)
2 China $119 billion
(+ 189%)
3 United Kingdom $59.6 billion
(+ 21.9%)
4 France 59.3 billion
(+ 3.3%)
5 Russia $58.7 billion
(+ 82.4%)
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 Special Report
  1. Military expenditure in 2010 increased by 1.3 per cent in real terms to reach 1.63 trillion dollars globally.
  2. In 2010 military spending grew most rapidly in South America (5.8 per cent), Africa (5.2 per cent) and Oceania (4.1 per cent). Across Asia and Oceania the increase was only 1.4 per cent, one of the lowest rates in recent years, while military spending fell in Europe, by 2.8 per cent.
  3. The 10 largest military spenders in 2010 accounted for 75 per cent of world military spending. The USA alone accounted for 43 per cent, far more than China in second place.
  4. U.S. military spending is greater than the military spending of China, Russia, Japan, India, and the rest of NATO combined.
  5. The estimated total military expenditure in Europe in 2010 was $382 billion ($268 billion in Western Europe, $65.5 billion in Eastern Europe and $48.3 billion in Central and South Eastern Europe). Military spending in the region fell by 2.8 per cent in real terms from 2009 (2.6 per cent in Western Europe, 1.3 per cent in Eastern Europe, and 5.5 per cent in Central and South Eastern Europe). However, military spending in Europe is still 11.9 per cent higher than in 2001 (88 per cent in Eastern Europe and 5.2 per cent in Western Europe, but 2.0 per cent lower in Central and South Eastern Europe).
Top 5 facts sources:
  1. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Factsheet. (2011). "Background paper on SIPRI military expenditure data, 2010." Retrieved April 15th, 2012.
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Sources:  Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Yearbook 2011: Armaments Disarmament and International Security.

List Notes: Data is for the year 2010 in U.S. dollars. Please note: figures for China and Russia are estimates. Percent change is change in military spending from the year 2001 to 2010.
Countries with the Most Military Spending

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