The Top 5 Leading Causes of Hospitalization in Canada

  Cause of Hospitalization Number of Hospitalizations Rate
(per 100,000 persons)
1 Circulatory system diseases 386,981 persons hospitalized 1,196.1
2 Digestive system diseases 299,606 persons hospitalized 926.1
3 Respiratory system diseases 240,297 persons hospitalized 742.7
4 Cancer 209,586 persons hospitalized 647.8
5 Unintentional injuries 194,268 persons hospitalized 600.5
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Sources:  Injury and Child Maltreatment section analysis of data from Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (hospitalization).

List Notes: Rate is per 100,000 persons. Data is for all ages.
Leading Causes of Hospitalization in Canada

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