The Top 5 Types of Combat Aircraft in the World

  Aircraft Type
(unit cost)
Manufacturer Active Air Fleet % of World Total Primary User
1 F-16
($26.9 million)
General Dynamics/
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
2,242 15% US Air Force
2 F-18
($39.5 million)
McDonnell Douglas /
Boeing Northrop
1,046 7% Russian Air Force
3 Su-27/30/33/35
($30.0 million)
Sukhoi 874 6% US Navy
4 F-15
($30.0 million)
McDonnell Douglas/
Boeing Defense
854 6% US Air Force
5 MiG-29
($30.0 million)
Mikoyan 793 5% Russian Air Force
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Sources:  Flight International Special Report: "World Air Forces 2015".

List Notes: Data is the top 5 types of active military combat aircraft in use in the world 2015. Unit cost is final production cost per unit for the year the aircraft went into production n US dollars.
Types of Combat Aircraft in the World

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