The Top 5 Most Populated Metropolitan Areas in the World

  City Population Metro Area Density
1 Tokyo, Japan 32,900,000 8,014 km2 4,049 (ppkm2)
2 Seoul, South Korea 25,900,000 5,076 km2 4,048 (ppkm2)
3 Mumbai, India 22,500,000 2,350 km2 8,170 (ppkm2)
4 Mexico City, Mexico 22,200,000 7,346 km2 2,784 (ppkm2)
5 New York, USA 21,800,000 17,884 km2 1,104 (ppkm2)
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Sources:  Major Agglomerations of the World

List Notes: This list includes the greater metropolitan areas of the cities listed. PPkm2 is persons per square kilometer. A metropolitan area combines an urban agglomeration (the contiguous, built-up area) with zones not necessarily urban in character, but closely bound to the center by employment or other commerce.
Most Populated Metropolitan Areas in the World

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