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The Top 5 Manufacturing Sectors that Consume the Most Energy

  Manufacturing Group Electricity Consumption
1 Petroleum and Coal Products 6,86 quadrillion Btu
2 Chemicals 5,14quadrillion Btu
3 Paper 2,35 quadrillion Btu
4 Primary Metals 1,73 quadrillion Btu
5 Food 1,18 quadrillion Btu
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Sources: U.S. Energy Information Administration: Annual Energy Review 2009.

List Notes: Data is energy consumption for North America for the year 2006. The British thermal unit (Btu) is a traditional unit of energy equal to about 1 055.05585 joules. It is approximately the amount of energy needed to heat 1 pound (0.454 kg) of water 1 degree F (0.556 C).
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