The Top 5 Countries with the Most Slot Machines

  Country Number of Slot Machines Person Per Machine
1 Japan 4,592,036 28
2 United States 889,070 357
3 Italy 412,252 145
4 Germany 265,000 304
5 Spain 249,820 187
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Sources:  Gaming Technologies Associaon. (2013). Report: The World Count of Gaming Machines 2013.

List Notes: Data is Top 5 countries with the most gaming machines for the year 2013. The machines that are represented in this list are those that are legally installed. Where illegal machines exist, or where there is no regulation, the count is only based on the numbers of machines that could be verified. Slot machine is defined for this top 5 list as a machine involved in the paying out of money or tokens or for registering a right to an amount of money or money’s worth to be paid, and includes any subsidiary equipment. A "slot" machine for the purposes of this list includes Video lottery terminals (VLTs) and Video Gaming Machines (VGMs) as well as more traditional versions of "slot" machines also known as “fruit machines”, “pokies”, or “jackpot machines”.
Countries with the Most Slot Machines

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