The Top 5 Largest Hotel Brands Worldwide

Rooms 2007 Hotels 2007 Percent Change from 2006
1 Best Western
(Best Western)
315,401 rooms 4,164 hotels - 0.2%
2 Holiday Inn
(Intercontinental Hotels Group)
260,470 rooms 1,395 hotels - 2.7%
3 Marriott
(Marriott International Inc.)
190,431 rooms 537 hotels + 3.8%
4 Comfort
(Choice Hotels International)
184,716 rooms 2,439 hotels + 1.2%
5 Hilton
(Hilton Corporation)
172,605 rooms 498 hotels + 4.5%
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 Special Report
  1. With 150,000 new rooms opened by hoteliers in the year 2006, the world supply of corporate chains posted unprcedented growth. On January 1, 2007 the worldwide supply of the top 200 groups reached 43,000 hotels and 5.5 million rooms. The turnover in the hotel industry worldwide posted double-digit growth (+12.4%) in 2007 and was approximately 230 billion euros in turnover.
  2. In its Worldwide Hotel Activity Report, on January 1, 2007 MKG Consulting counted 43,000 corporate operated hotels worldwide and 5.5 million rooms. Growth in that year was established at 2.7% for nearly 150,000 rooms. This is the highest growth ever recorded.
  3. Since 2004, the development of chains has gained speed and resumed a rate comparable to the one observed in 2001. In just two years, the supply of corporate chains worldwide grew by nearly 250,000 rooms, which is the nearly the equivalent of the chain hotel supply in a country such as France (268,368 on January 1, 2007), despite being the number-one destination worldwide in terms of number of visitors.
  4. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) affirmed its position on MKG's ranking for the fourth consecutive year as the world leader of the hotel industry. With growth in its offer of more than 18,000 rooms, the group has increased its lead over its immediate competitors.
  5. According to the MKG report Asia posted the most growth in the corporate hotel chain supply in terms of both growth rate (+10.5%) and volume (around 60,000 additional rooms) in 2006. The penetration rate of chains in the Asian zone is just 15%, and the race to Asia, already well on its way, shall continue. China and India are the priority targets. These countries present many vast agglomerations with large pools of customers. China in particular attracts large international hotel groups. The country also sees the consolidation of major hotel groups whose development accompanies the growth of the domestic economy such as Jin Jiang or Home Inns.
Top 5 facts sources:
  1. MKG Consulting. (2007). "Worldwide Hotel Activity Report. " Retrieved November 19th, 2010
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Sources:  Worldwide Hotel Activity Report, MKG Consulting.

List Notes: Data is for the year 2007. List is rated by hotel companies with the most hotel rooms worldwide. Data is latest available (updated Nov 19th, 2010).
Largest Hotel Brands Worldwide

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