The Top 5 Most visited Cities in the World

  City Number of Tourist Visits
1 Bangkok, Thailand 15.98 million visitors
2 London, England 15.96 million visitors
3 Paris, France 13.92 million visitors
4 Singapore, Republic of Singapore 11.75 million visitors
5 New York, USA 11.52 million visitors
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Sources:  Wong. Y, Choog, D. (2013): "MasterCard Worldwide Insights."

List Notes: Data is Global Top 5 destination cities by international visitors between Q2 2012 to Q2 2013. An international visitor for the purposes of this list is a person who is traveling on a non-stop direct flight to their destination and is not a resident of the destination country. A visitor may make more than one trip, and each trip counts as a new visit. That is, a person who makes two trips to a destination as described above counts as two visitors to that destination. A person on the return leg home does not count as a visitor. Latest available data as of March 2015.
Most visited Cities in the World

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