The Top 5 Largest Stars in the Known Universe

Solar Radius
Distance from Earth
1 VY Canis Majoris
(red hypergiant)
(1.46 billion km)
4,900 light years
2 WOH G64
(red hypergiant)
(1.39 billion km)
163,000 light years
3 W Cephei A
(red hypergiant)
(1.18 billion km)
2,400 light years
4 Mu Cephei
(red supergiant)
(1.14 billion km)
1,300 - 5,200 light years
5 V354 Cephei
(red hypergiant)
(1.05 billion km)
9,000 light years
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Sources:  Top 5 of Anything Research 2021.

List Notes: Data is the Top 5 largest known Stars in the universe ranked by solar radius (diameter). Solar radius is a unit of distance used to express the size of stars in astronomy equal to the current radius of the Sun.
Largest Stars in the Known Universe

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