The Top 5 Canadian Provinces with the Most Restaurant Sales

  Canadian Province Restaurant Sales 2010
1 Ontario $22.5 billion
2 Quebec $12.2 billion
3 British Columbia $9.8 billion
4 Alberta $8.4 billion
5 Manitoba $1.7 billion
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  1. On a typical day, Canadians make 17.7 million visits to commercial restaurants, totalling 6.4 billion restaurant occasions for the year. Dining out is one of the top three tourist activities in Canada.
  2. There are 80,800 commercial food-service units in Canada, or 24.0 units per 10,000 Canadians. By segment, there are: 36,390 full-service restaurants, 31,911 limited-service restaurants, 6,447 contract and social caterers and 6,096 drinking establishments.
  3. The average Canadian household spends 23.1% of its total food dollar on food-service, compared to 41.9% for U.S. households. The food-service industry directly employs more than 1,084,500 Canadians, representing 6.4% of total employment. More people work in food-service than in agriculture, forestry, pulp and paper, banking and oil and gas extraction combined.
  4. The most popular food and beverage ordered at Canadian restaurants are French fries and regular coffee. The average check size per person at a restaurant in Canada is $6.97 including taxes, but excluding tips.
  5. Canada's restaurant and food-service industry directly employs more than one million people, generates $60 billion in annual sales and accounts for 4% of the national economy. Another 210,000 people are indirectly employed as product and service providers.
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Sources:  Statistics Canada and CRFA Research

List Notes: Data is for the year 2010 (forecasted).
Canadian Provinces with the Most Restaurant Sales

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