The Top 5 Leading Cause of Accidental Death for Males 15 to 29 in High Income Countries

  Cause of Death Accidental Male Deaths Percentage of Total
1 Road traffic injuries 28,530 48.16%
2 Self-inflicted injuries 16,144 27.25%
3 Interpersonal Violence 8,005 13.51%
4 Poisonings 2,755 4.65%
5 Drowning 2,222 3.75%
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 Special Report
  1. Road traffic injuries and self inflicted injuries are the leading causes of injury related death worldwide.
  2. Injury is the leading cause of death and disability for all age groups except persons 60 years of age or older.
  3. Worldwide, road traffic injuries are the leading injury-related cause of death and burden of disease in males.
  4. The low and middle-income countries of Europe are the only regions to show poisoning as the leading cause of death.
  5. Interpersonal Violence as a leading cause of death among males has declined slightly and the rank of suicide deaths among females has decreased since 1998.
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List Notes: All Statistics are reported accidental deaths for the year 2000. This WHO study combines mortality data from national vital registration systems with information obtained from surveys, censuses, epidemiological studies and health service data. Percentage of total is derived from 7 causes of accidental death for each particular age group as listed in the World Injury report.
Leading Cause of Accidental Death for Males 15 to 29 in High Income Countries

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