The Top 5 Countries that Drink the Most Beer

  Country Consumption Volume
(litres per person)
Total Consumption
(kilolitres per year)
1 Czech Republic 141.0 litres 2,000,000 kl
2 Austria 107.6 litres 947,000 kl
3 Germany 102.1 litres 8,321,000 kl
4 Poland 100.0 litres 1,938,000 kl
5 Romania 85.0 litres 3,741,000 kl
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Czech People Drink Loads of Beer

At 141.0 litres per person (37 gallons) the Czech Republic completely trashes other beer drinking countries. No other country drinks as much beer in relation to its population as the Czechs do, and even more amazingly they've been number one in per capita beer drinking on a global scale for the last 26 years straight. To put it in perspective, the United States, although number two in the world in total beer consumption, ranks 20th in per capita beer consumption. The United States has 328.2 million people where the Czech Republic has 10.6 million people and the Czechs drink almost double the per capita amount of beer as the U.S. and the U.K.

64% of Czech beer drinking is done at home and 36% is done in pubs and restaurants. Czech beer is pretty cheap with the average price of store-bought retail beer being 0.89 cents per litre. In restaurants the average price per litre for beer is 2.38€, which is relatively inexpensive when you look at the average United Kingdom price of 7.48€ for a litre of beer in a pub.

Alcohol, Maybe Not As Fun As You Think

It's not a surprising fact that alcohol is consumed by large proportions of adults in most countries around the world and although it's safe to say that alcohol doesn't cause significant problems for most drinkers. On the dark side of things though, alcohol use and more specifically, abuse, is also associated with numerous negative consequences for the drinker and society at large.

Alcohol causes 3.2% of all deaths globally or 1.8 million deaths annually and accounts for 4.0% of the disease burden carried by humanity. Many of these deaths are the result of injuries caused by hazardous and harmful drinking. Of the total number of alcohol-attributable deaths, 32.0% are from unintentional injuries, and 13.7% are from intentional injuries. This means that about half of the deaths attributable to alcohol are from injuries.

The Non-Alcohol Beer Market is Growing Fast

Spain is one of the world leaders in the growing non-alcohol beer market.

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Sources:  The Brewers of Europe. (2021). "Euopean Beer Trends, Statistical Report 2019. "

List Notes: List is recorded adult per capita in litres of beer per person per year. Total beer consumption is in kilolitres. 1,000 kilolitres is equivalent to 220 imperial gallons. Data is for the year 2018 and is latest available as of January 2021.

Countries that Drink the Most Beer

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