The Top 5 Worst Movies from 1995-1999 (Razzie Awards)

  Movie Year Principal Actor Box Office Gross Production Budget Widest Release
1 Showgirls 1995 Elizabeth Berkley $20,350,754 $45,000,000 1,388 theaters
2 Striptease 1996 Demi Moore $33,109,743 $50,000,000 1,979 theaters
3 The Postman 1997 Kevin Costner $17,626,234 $80,000,000 1,433 theaters
4 An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn 1998 Ryan O'Neal $45,779 N/A 19 theaters
5 Wild Wild West 1999 Will Smith $113,805,681 $170,000,000 3,342 theaters
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 Special Report
  1. Supposedly Joe Eszterhas came up with the idea for the Showgirls script based on the idea he scribbled on a napkin. He was later advanced $2 million to write the script and then picked up an additional $1.7 million when the studio produced it into a film.
  2. When the film "Showgirls" swept The 16th Annual RAZZIE Awards, Paul Verhoeven turned up in person to accept the Worst Director and Worst Picture award. He was the first director in the history of the Razzies to turn up to collect the Award.
  3. "The Postman" was once in development as a project for Ron Howard, with Tom Hanks set to star. David Brin the author of the novel "The Postman" reveals that while the studios were bidding for The movie "The Postman", his wife decided that Kevin Costner should be "the one" to portray the hero.
  4. The Razzie Awards were Founded by John Wilson who's day job is a copywriter and publicist making trailers for the Fox Movie Channel. The awards grew from dinner party award nights Wilson used to throw for his friends on Oscar night.
  5. Alan Smithee is a pseudonym (first used in 1968) by Hollywood film directors who want to be dissociated from a film for which they no longer want credit. Burn Hollywood Burn is regarded as one of the worst films of all time. The film had an estimated budget of $10,000,000 and grossed $45,779. The Directors Guild of America officially discontinue the Alan Smithee credit in 1999.
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Sources:  Various including: Box Office Mojo, The Numbers, IMDB

List Notes: All figures are U.S. domestic only. This list does not include worldwide figures.
Worst Movies from 1995-1999 (Razzie Awards)

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