The Top 5 Countries with the Most Guns

  Country Total Firearms Average Per 100 Persons
1 United States 270 million firearms 88.8 (per 100 people)
2 India 46 million firearms 4.2 (per 100 people)
3 China 40 million firearms 4.9 (per 100 people)
4 Germany 25 million firearms 30.3 (per 100 people)
5 France 19 million firearms 31.2 (per 100 people)
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  1. Civilians own approximately 650 million guns (firearms) worldwide, roughly 75 per cent of the known total. US citizens alone own some 270 million of these, with about 90 firearms for every 100 people. There is roughly one gun (firearm) for every seven people worldwide. Without the United States, this drops to about one gun (firearm) per ten people. (a.)
  2. There are at least 875 million combined civilian, law enforcement, and military firearms in the world today. Organized destruction projects have eliminated at least 8.3 million small arms since 1991, three-quarters of which come from armed services. In addition, an unknown number are lost through accidental wastage. (a.)
  3. In Iraq, high demand from people buying weapons for security, crime, or conflict has pushed up the price of a basic wooden Kalashnikov assault rifles from $80 - $150 (USD) in 2003 to $400 - $800 (USD) in 2006. Assault rifles bought in African countries are around $200 (USD) cheaper than the world average. (a.)
  4. During an average year in the United States: 31,224 people die from gun violence. More than 100,000 of them are shot in murders, assaults, suicides, accidents or by police intervention. 12,632 people are murdered with guns. 3,067 children and teens die from gun violence. 683 children and teens commit suicide with guns. 351 people are killed by police intervention. 17,352 people kill themselves. 679 are shot and injured during police interventions. 66,768 people survive gun injuries. 613 people are killed accidently and 2,161 children and teens are murdered. (b.)
  5. On an average day in the United States: 8 children and teens die from gun violence. 268 people are shot in murders, assaults, suicides, accidents or by police intervention and 86 people die from gun violence, 35 of whom are murdered. (b.)
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Sources:  The Graduate Institute Small Arms Survey 2007: Guns and the City.

List Notes: Data is ranked by number of average total firearms from 178 countries. The Small Arms Survey is produced annually by a team of researchers based in Geneva, Switzerland, and a worldwide network of local researchers.
Countries with the Most Guns

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