The Top 5 Countries Most Vulnerable to the Effects of Climate Change

  Country Level of Vulnerability
1 Bangladesh Extreme
2 Guinea-Bissau Extreme
3 Sierra Leone Extreme
4 Haiti Extreme
5 South Sudan Extreme
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Sources:   Maplecroft: Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI) 2014. Visit the source

List Notes: Data is for the years 2012 to 2050. The Climate Change Vulnerability Index measures the economic impacts of climate change. It measures the following three factors: exposure to extreme climate-related events, including sea level rise and future changes in temperature, precipitation and specific humidity; the sensitivity of populations, in terms of health, education, agricultural dependence and available infrastructure; and the adaptive capacity of countries to combat the impacts of climate change, which encompasses, R&D, economic factors, resource security and the effectiveness of government.
Countries Most Vulnerable to the Effects of Climate Change

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