The Top 5 Countries with the Highest Rate of Female Smokers

  Country Percentage of Females who Smoke
1 Cook Islands 71%
2 Nauru 59%
3 Guinea 47%
4 Chile 37%
5 Serbia & Montenegro 34%
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  1. About 250 million women around the globe are smokers. 22% percent of these are in developing countries.
  2. 11% of women worldwide smoke tobacco.
  3. In parts of Southeast Asia, tobacco use is reported to be as high as 30% in females compared to 25% in males.
  4. Cigarette smoking kills an estimated 178,000 women every year in the United States alone.
  5. More than one out of every five high school girls in the United States is a current smoker.
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Sources:  American Cancer Society:The Tobbaco Atlas 2nd Edition.

List Notes: Data is percentage of adult females who smoke on a daily basis.
Countries with the Highest Rate of Female Smokers

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