The Top 5 Most Visited Cities in Asia 2012

  City Overnight Foreign Visitors Overnight Spend
1 Bangkok, Thiland 15.9 million visitors $14.3 billion
2 Singapore 11.7 million visitors $13.5 billion
3 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 9.2 million visitors $7.8 billion
4 Hong Kong, China 8.7 million visitors $6.3 billion
5 Seoul, South Korea 8.2 million visitors $10.8 billion
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Sources:  Wong. Y, Choog, D. (2013). "MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index"

List Notes: Data is for the year 2012. "Overnight visitor” in each of the destination cities is defined as international arrivals that actually stayed in the destination city for at least one night. A visitor is defined as a person who is traveling on a non-stop direct flight to their destination and is not a resident of the destination country. A visitor may make more than one trip, and each trip counts as a new visit. That is, a person who makes two trips to a destination, as described above, counts as two visitors to that destination. A person on the return leg home does not count as a visitor. Overnight visitor spend is the estimated total amount that visitors spend in the destination city/country. It excludes air ticket expenditure required to get the visitor to the destination city. Overnight visitor spend is ranked in terms of cross-border spending by international visitors in U.S. dollars and is for the year 2012.
Most Visited Cities in Asia 2012

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