The Top 5 Most Competitive Economies in the World 2005

  Country GCI Rank 2005 GCI Rank 2004
1 Finland 1 1
2 United States 2 2
3 Sweden 3 3
4 Denmark 4 5
5 Taiwan 5 4
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Sources:  World Economic Forum Growth Competitiveness Index

List Notes: The Global Competitiveness Index offers an assessment of some of the key factors “…which determine economic growth, and explain why some countries are much more successful than others in raising income levels…”. It does so by providing a detailed assessment of economic conditions of 125 countries, using over 100 indicators, and ranks them according to their competitiveness. The rankings are drawn from publicly available “hard” data and the results of the “Executive Opinion Survey”.
Most Competitive Economies in the World 2005

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