The Top 5 Deadliest Tsunamis in History

  Location Date Deaths
Earthquake Magnatude Water Height
1 Indonesia
(west coast of Sumatra)
Dec 26th, 2004 283,100 9.0 34.85m
2 Greece
(north coast)
1410 B.C. 100,000 No data No data
3 Portugal
(off Lisboa)
Nov 1st, 1755 60,000 8.0 12.20m
4 South China Sea May 22, 1782 40,000 7.0 No data
5 Indonesia
Aug 27th, 1883 36,500 No data 35.0m
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Sources:  National Geophysical Data Center

List Notes: Deaths are estimated and may include the after-effects of such disasters (death by famine, disease etc).
Deadliest Tsunamis in History

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